Technology Tools for Bible Study.

Christians can become attached to technology or tempted by technology, but they can also use technology to deepen their knowledge of God’s Word. There are many websites and apps that can be used to help Christians become better students of God’s Word. In this post, I would like to point out the websites and apps that I believe are the most helpful.


1. Precept Austin – This page contains introductions to each book of the Bible (Bible Commentaries tab), dictionaries and encyclopedias (Bible Dictionaries tab), and commentaries (Commentaries by Verse and Bible Commentaries tab). The website also contains sermons by different preachers and a section on addressing cults (Bible Dictionaries tab, heading “Cult Apologetics”).

2. My Study Bible – This page has several different Holman resources. It provides free access to the Holman Christian Standard Bible, the Holman Christian Standard Study Bible notes, and the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

3. Bible Hub – This page has a lot of different resources (Bibles, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias, commentaries, etc.). This is not my favorite website, but it does have a substantial number of tools.


1. Holy Bible (You Version) – This app is perfect for devotional reading. It has a large number of translations and devotions, even age-specific devotions. For my students, I recommend Josh McDowell’s devotional book; he has 365 devotions, one for each day.

2. – This app is a great audio option. It doesn’t have a huge number of translations, but the KJV and ESV drama versions are pretty good.

3. Blue Letter Bible – This app is good for simply reading Scripture. It contains a bunch of different translations, and you can view the translations side-by-side.

4. Bible Gateway – This app contains different translations, dictionaries and encyclopedias, and commentaries. The IVP New Testament Commentary series is pretty good, and the Matthew Henry commentary is a classic.

5. Bible Study – This app has translations, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and commentaries. The Baker Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology is good, and the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia is a classic.

These websites and apps should not take the place of reading Scripture, but they should help Christians understand Scripture and go deeper into their Bible study. So, open your Bible and dig in. When you need help, just remember that these resources are available!

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