Physical Therapy and Friendship

In April, I tore my ACL playing basketball. I had surgery in May, and I have been going through physical therapy. One of the guys who does my physical therapy is really good, and I mentioned this to my wife. She asked, “Why?” After thinking about it, I gave the following three reasons:

1. He Challenges Me – The exercises that he gives me are always challenging. They test my knee and push me to my physical limit.

2. He Corrects Me – When I do not do an exercise right, he corrects me. He tells me what I am doing wrong and how to fix it.

3. He Encourages Me – When I do something right, he lets me know. He encourages me and tells me that I am doing well.

Each of these characteristics make him a good physical therapist, but they are also characteristics that godly friends should display. Christians need friends who challenge them to become better Christians, correct them when they stumble or sin, and encourage them when they are doing well. Surround yourself with people who do these things, and seek to be a friend who challenges, corrects, and encourages others.


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