A Review of Kingdom, Come!

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Kingdom, Come!

by Phil Ryken


Philip Graham Ryken is the president of Wheaton College, and this book is a compilation of sermons that he preached in chapel at the college. Ryken noticed that sermons on the second coming were not as common as they used to be, and he attempted to correct this common neglect by preaching on the issue in chapel at Wheaton. The sermons have been edited for the book, and each sermon focuses on a different issue related to the coming kingdom of God.


There were several things that I appreciated about this book. First, Ryken often used contemporary events to illustrate his points. For example, the first chapter talked about the timing of the second coming of Jesus Christ and how no one knows the exact date (Matthew 24:36), and Ryken used Harold Camping as an example of people who try to identify the specific date of Christ’s return. Most readers will remember Camping’s prediction, which perfectly illustrated his point. Second, Ryken saturated his sermons in Scripture. Each chapter contained many scriptural references related to his topic, which is important when dealing with biblical issues. Third, Ryken spoke in a very clear and simple manner. The book avoided technical terms and complicated language, making it smooth and easy to read.


My only complaint is the lack of depth. The issues of the Kingdom of God and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are not simple issues, yet the book is pretty simplistic. This may benefit beginning Christians, but mature Christians and scholars will likely find the book shallow and unnecessary. Apart from this, the book was a quick and easy read, and I think most Christians will enjoy it.


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