The Relationship between the Holy Spirit and Homiletics.

In October, the Evangelical Homiletics Society (EHS) hosted their annual conference for students and professors of preaching. The theme for the conference was “Spirit-Led Preaching” and examined the relationship between the Holy Spirit and preaching. I have been reading the papers from the conference, and I am fascinated by the different answers to the question, “What is the Holy Spirit’s role in preaching?” Some professors place a large amount of emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit in preaching, while others do not believe the Holy Spirit is really involved in the proclamation of God’s Word as much as He is the preparation and reception of that Word. It is an interesting discussion to be sure.


One of the major points of contention in the papers is the concept of unction. Does unction exist? Does the Holy Spirit anoint or empower preachers to boldly and faithfully communicate God’s Word? Or, is this concept of divine empowerment unbiblical? I believe the Holy Spirit empowers preachers to communicate God’s Word, but I want to make sure this position is grounded in Scripture. I plan on studying this subject over the next few weeks…I’ll let you know what I discover!

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