A Godward Heart by John Piper.












John Piper is a well-known conference speaker and author. He was the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota for over 30 years. A Godward Heart is a collection of 50 meditations by Piper on a range of topics. Those familiar with Piper will find many of his favorite themes included in this book (themes like the glory of God, racial reconciliation, and the doctrines of grace).

As a disclaimer, I should note that I do not generally enjoy Piper’s works. Due to the brevity and diversity of this book, I thought I might enjoy it. Unfortunately, I did not really enjoy this work, either. First, it was tough to read due to the lack of unity. The book was not really organized around any main theme, and all the chapters covered different topics. It was tough to stay focused from one chapter to the next. It may be beneficial for those looking for devotional thoughts in addition to their Bible reading, but it will probably not captivate readers looking to read through a book and gain knowledge about a specific issue.

Second, the book was lacked any new material. Anyone who has read some of Piper’s other books will likely be frustrated due to the lack of new information and topics. Piper discussed racial reconciliation in Bloodlines, marriage in This Momentary Marriage, and the glory of God in his classic Desiring God. My point: this book does not really break any new ground.

The book was written in typical “Piper fashion,” so those who enjoy Piper will enjoy this book. It is also a short read, which is good for those who struggle to read longer books. If someone is new to John Piper, however, I would encourage them to start elsewhere (Desiring God is his classic work and would be a good place to start).


*I received a free copy of this book from the Blogging for Books program. I was under no obligations to write a positive review.


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