The Big Story by Justin Buzzard.

Big Story


The Big Story is a book that presents Christianity as a meta narrative that explains reality. Justin Buzzard is the lead pastor of Garden City Church in Silicon Valley, California and a popular author. Buzzard presents the Big Story in 5 Acts: God, Creation, Rebellion, Rescue, and Home. These five acts help us explain reality.

In the first chapter, Buzzard begins by describing Jesus Christ, the central character of the Big Story. Jesus enters the story as rescuer and deliverer, the One promised from the beginning. The second chapter describes God as a self-sufficient God who is sovereign, wise, and good. The third chapter discusses God’s creation, which was “very good.” God created everything from nothing, and it was all good. The fourth chapter explained why this world is no longer “very good;” it explains what happened. Human beings rebelled against God and humanity has been rebelling ever since.

Humanity’s sin and rebellion created the need for a deliverer, which is where the book began. Jesus came to rescue us from sin and death )the result of sin). The fifth chapter explained the person and work of Jesus. The sixth chapter was an intermission in the story, where Buzzard challenged people to believe the story and live in the story. The seventh chapter was about hope and heaven. This chapter was very good. The last chapter discussed the responsibility of Christians to live between rescue and hope. Christians cannot disengage from culture. Instead, they must live for Christ and attempt to redeem culture.

This book was well-written and does a good job explaining Christianity as a meta narrative. Christians who are looking for a good book that explains Christianity as a story will benefit from this book. There was also an excellent appendix which showed Christians how to share their faith using the big story, which was very practical. Because of this, I would recommend this book to Christians wrestling with the main story of Scripture and Christians who are interested in sharing the main story of Scripture.


*I received a free copy of this book from Moody Press in exchange for an honest review. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review.


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