A Word to Those Who Preach or Teach…

I was reading R. Kent Hughes’ commentary Romans: Righteousness from Heaven and came across a list of questions by Donald Grey Barnhouse. The questions were intended to challenge those who preach and teach the Word to examine themselves. Listen to these searching questions:

Have I listened to His voice? Have I laid my own reason in the dust before Him in order to take it again, enlightened by Him, for use in my work? Have I been spiritually alert and dependent upon the Holy Spirit? Have I gone again and again to the Word of God to refresh my own soul before speaking to others? Have I tried to live what I preach? Have I acknowledged my sins when the Lord showed them to me, and repented of them? Have I recognized moment by moment my utter dependence upon the Lord? Have I been lazy? Have I been diligent? Have I insulted the Lord by feeding His sheep with ill-prepared food?

These are challenging questions, and preachers and teachers would do well to ask themselves these questions regularly. God will hold us to a higher standard in regards to the proclamation of His Word (James 3:1), so let us do all we can to faithfully proclaim and live out His Word!


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