Jesus, the Son of Abraham and the Son of David.

Matthew begins his gospel with these words: “The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham” (Mathew 1:1). What is the significance of Jesus’ association with David and Abraham? Why would Matthew draw attention to this?
Numerous scholars have pointed out that Matthew seems to direct his gospel to the Jewish people. He assumes his readers are familiar with many Jewish customs and repeatedly cites the Old Testament to support his claims. So, when he introduces Jesus Christ, it is natural that he would connect Jesus to David and Abraham, two heroes of the faith. It goes beyond connecting Jesus to two important Jewish figures, though. Matthew intends to show that Jesus is the climax of the promises made to Abraham and David.
Both Abraham and David were the recipients of covenant promises. In Genesis 12, God promised to bless Abraham by giving him land, growing his family into a great nation, and blessing all the world through him. In 2 Samuel 7, God promised David He would establish an everlasting kingdom through his offspring. Both of these promises were ultimately fulfilled in Christ! He is the One who has blessed the nations by dying for the sins of the world and offering grace and forgiveness to all who will repent and believe! He is the One who has established a kingdom that knows no end and will continue for eternity! He is the King of Kings! Praise God for His faithfulness!


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