He Will Save His People from Their Sins

After Matthew provides the geneology of Jesus, he discusses his birth (or rather, the events surrounding his birth). Mary, a young virgin, will miraculously conceive a child. Joseph, her betrothed, is obviously troubled (what would YOU think if your fiancé told you she was pregnant but was still a virgin?). Joseph determined to privately divorce Mary so as not to bring her shame, but an angel appeared to Joseph and affirmed Mary’s story.
The angel also spoke to Joseph, and he told Joseph two things: the name of the baby and the mission of the baby. First, the baby’s name: Jesus. Jesus is a Greek name taken from the Hebrew name Joshua, which means “Yahweh saves.” Indeed! Second, the baby’s mission: to save His people from their sins. It is easy to see the connection between His name (Yahweh saves) and His mission (to save His people from their sins). Jesus came to save people from their sin.
While some would argue verse 21 teaches limited atonement, two things are worth noting: there are no atonement terms mentioned (ransom, propitiation, etc.), and “His people” likely refers to Israel considering the context of the chapter and the book as a whole. One thing is clear: Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins!
Thank God for sending His Son Jesus Christ to do what we could never do: save us from our sins! We are completely unable to save ourselves, but God made a way through the death of His only Son. Praise Him for His glorious grace!


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