A Virgin Mom and a Fulfilled Promise.

One of the most notable features of Matthew’s gospel is his use of the Old Testament. He repeatedly points to the Old Testament and shows Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of OT prophecies. One of the best examples is Matthew 1:22-23. 
Matthew cites Isaiah 7:14, a prophecy about a virgin conceiving and bearing a son. Matthew clearly sees Jesus birth as a fulfillment of that prophecy. He writes, “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet” (vs. 22). The birth of Christ actually fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 7. This is not to suggest that the prophecy had no immediate referent. It simply means the ultimate fulfillment of the prophecy was the birth of Christ.
What does this mean for us? It is a reminder that God keeps His promises and His Word is trustworthy. First, God always keeps His promises. Always. Second, God’s Word is trustworthy. We can read and obey God’s Word because we know it is true and can be trusted.


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