Satan is a Loser!

After Jesus is baptized by John, the Holy Spirit leads Him into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan (Matthew 4:1-11). There, in the Judean wilderness, Satan takes his shots at Jesus. Satan throws everything He has at Jesus, trying to entice Him to sin, but he has zero luck. Christ resists Satans offers, corrects Him with Scripture, and emerges victorious!

I love the passage, because it is a reminder that Jesus is victorious and Satan is defeated. Jesus is the protagonist, and Satan is the antagonist…and the good guy wins! Jesus wins! He defeats sin and temptation in the wilderness, and Satan leaves Him a defeated foe. And here is the good news: it was not the last time Satan was bested by Jesus! On the cross, Jesus Christ defeated death, hell, and the grave. He defeated Satan there on the cross, and Satan is living on borrowed time!

Yet Satan is still roaming around like a lion, looking for people to devour. He is still fighting against Jesus Christ, but his days are numbered. One day throw Him into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10) and Satan will be rendered powerless. Until that day, let’s trust and follow the One who conquered temptation in the wilderness, sin on the cross, and will conquer Satan on judgment day!


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