Preaching, Teaching, and Healing.

Matthew 4:23-25 provides a summary of Jesus’ ministry. As Osborne wrote, “The three participles of v. 23 (teaching, preaching, healing) pretty much say it all” (Osborne, Matthew, Kindle Location 3055). He goes on to say these participles describe “Jesus’ powerful ministry” (Kindle Location 3055). The rest of Matthew’s gospel will flesh these our, culminating in Christ’s greatest work: His substitutionary death on the cross.

The ministry of Jesus reminds us of the importance of teaching and preaching, as well as the importance of meeting physical needs. Jesus Christ shared the gospel (vs. 23), but he also performed miracles and healed the sick (vs. 24). Christians must be faithful to share the truth, but they should also seek to imitate Christ and meet physical needs when possible. Let’s seek to do these two things faithfully.


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