Blessed are the Meek.

In Matthee 5:5, Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” As David Turner put it, “God’s inaugurated reign will eventually result in humble disciples, not arrogant tyrants, inheriting the earth” (Turner, Matthew, 151). While the world often thinks those with power money or popularity will “inherit the earth,” Jesus reminds us of the importance of meekness and humility.

Turner described meekness as “an unassuming humility that rests in God (Ps. 37:7) and renounces self-effort to relieve one’s oppression and to achieve one’s desires” (151). This should be true of Christians, since we have abandoned attempts at self-salvation and trusted in Christ for salvation. The gospel produces humility in us, driving us to forsake self-righteousness and rest in God’s grace.

Are you meek and humble? Have you allowed the gospel to humble you and lead you to forsake self-justification and trust God’s grace? Has the gospel humbled you and given you a greater appreciation for God’s grace? Christian, rest in the gospel and let it produce authentic humility in you!


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