Monthly Archives: July 2016

Puebla, Mexico Vision Trip.

I just spent several days in Puebla, Mexico with a friend from seminary. When I first met him, he was a pastor in Alexandria, VA, but he recently moved to Puebla, Mexico to teach at Puebla Bible Seminary. When I found out he was moving to Puebla, I was shocked because our church regularly flies into Puebla and drives into the interior to do ministry in unreached villages. When he found out we regularly flew into Puebla, he was shocked! It has turned out to be a “God thing.” I’m once again reminded of God’s providence over our lives.
Long story short, it looks like our church will be able to help out the seminary, and it looks like the seminary may be able to help our church reach those villages. I can’t share too many details at this point, so just pray everything works out and we are able to establish a partnership with Puebla Bible Seminary with the goal of training pastors and planting churches in Mexican villages where there is ZERO gospel witness!