Monthly Archives: August 2016

Final Committee Member.

I am beginning to focus on my dissertation, which means I have been thinking about my third committee member. Dr. Hershael York and Dr. Robert Vogel had both agreed to serve on my committee, but I really wasn’t sure who I should ask to fill the final slot. I solicited advice from Dr. York, my supervisor, and he suggested three names: Greg Wills, Tom Nettles, and Berry Driver. 

Since Dr. Nettles had written on John Broadus (in the second volume of his The Baptists series) and James P. Boyce (the best friend of John Broadus, the subject of my dissertation), he was my first choice. I emailed him, and he was initially hesitant to agree to serve on the committee. After talking to Dr. York, I decided to email him again and reaffirm my desire for him to serve on my committee…and he agreed! I now have three committee members and am ready to write the prospectus for my dissertation. Prayers appreciated!


(Dis)Comfort Zone.

I had the opportunity to spend last week speaking to elementary-age boys. Almost 200 boys gathered at Baptist Hill in Mt. Vernon for boys camp, and I spoke to them each evening from God’s Word. Let me be completely honest here: it was one of the most challenging weeks I’ve had in a while. I was totally out of my comfort zone. I’ve spent the last 11 years in student ministry working with middle school and high school students, but there is a difference between middle school students and elementary-age boys. So it was a challenging week for me.

In spite of the challenges, however, God was gracious.  30 boys turned from their sin and put their faith in Jesus Christ! I can confidently say that God worked “in spite of me” and not “because of me” (which is true all the time!). I am grateful that God allowed me to be a part of what He is doing, and I was also reminded that God likes to get us out of our comfort zones in order to stretch us and grow us.